Develop here a programming language of reversible combinators

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YAREL is a paradigmatic first-order functional programming language.

It stands for Y(et)A(nother)RE(versible)L(language), i.e. if P is a program in YAREL, then the inverse inv[P] of P exists for free in YAREL.

YAREL is an experimental implementation of the class RPP of Reversible Primitive Permutations. The techrep which introduces RPP is under consideration for publication.

An example of a YAREL module is:

 * Defines a multiplication on natural numbers and checks the
 * existence of the inverse inv[multiplication] of the multiplication.
module Multiplication {
	///// multiplication
	dcl permutation: 3 int
	def permutation := //t u v
	                   /3 1 2/ 
	                   //v t u
	dcl multiplication : 3 int 
	/* Works on natural numbers only.
	 * Yields v*u if and only if a is 0. */
	def multiplication := // v u a
			      // v u a+v*u
	dcl identity: 3 int
	/* The inverse of the multiplication exists. */
	def identity := multiplication;inv[multiplication]

It declares that the permutation we are going to define takes three integers its input. To ease the presentation we assume to use natural numbers only. The definition of the permutation says that the third input becomes the first output, the first input becomes the second output and the second input becomes the third output.

For example:

permutation 5 4 0 // yields the tuple 0 5 4

Also the multiplication is declared as a function with three inputs.

For example:

multiplication 5 4 0 // yields the tuple 5 4 0+(5*4)

In general, if v and u are natural numbers, then:

multiplication v u a // yields the tuple v u a+(v*u)

The point is that inside the module Multiplication the inverse inv[multiplication] of multiplication exists for free without explicitly defining it.

The behavior of inv[multiplication] is the one we may expect:

inv[multiplication] 5 4 20 // yields the tuple 5 4 0

In general:

inv[multiplication] v u a+(v*u) // yields the tuple v u a

which means that the sequential compositions




are equivalent to the identity.

YAREL inherits the main properties of RPP:

Documentation about YAREL.